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Fantasy dolls Night in the Garden

Night in the Garden[zoom]
Night in the Garden Night in the Garden

Night in the Garden

Biscuit porcelain.
Art Nouveau suit.
Natural satin, silk and lace, antique guipure, laces.
The blouse is hand collected of antique src_items and embroidered with beads, sequins and silver thread.
The skirt is decorated with hand-applique of antique guipure. The petticoats are finished with hand corrugated ruffles of ribbons and lace.
Hairstyle Bandeau is decorated with beaded straps and lace elements.
Jewelry is made of silver and Swarovski stass.
Flowering branch in the hands is made according to unique technology of various metals and hand made silk flowers.
Shoes are made of natural leather.
Hair - natural mohair.
Hand painting.

28 inches tall, LE 8.

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