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High-society dolls Fleur



The evening dress of the beginning of the 20-th years of the 20th-century is executed of black lacy linen "chantilly" with under dress of gas with silvery threads, is decorated with bead threads and silk fringe.
The upper skirt of silk velvet is decorated with the beads on the edge.
The belt and the sleeves are decorated with handmade bead ornament on a net and gas (a copy of the authentic embroideries of the times of Art deco style).
The jewelry: earrings, bracelets and rings are made of nickel silver with black stases and beads to special order in accordance with style of the 20-th years.
The silk stockings of the pearl color. The shoes of genuine enameled leather.
The hat of gas with silvery threads with fine chiffon scarf.
Biscuit porcelain. Hand painting of the face.

Limited edition of 8; 24" tall.

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